Most women want to look and feel their absolute best. A well-proportioned, shapely bust line can be the key to having an attractive, well-balanced figure. Breast Augmentation can help you feel more confident and empowered.

What Patients Say About Dr. Gray:

“I was a very small 34A before my surgery. I showed Dr. Gray several pictures of what I wanted to look like. He helped me decide what size to be. Now I am a full 34C. I am extremely happy with my size!”

“I would say Dr. Gray is an artist. My friends can’t believe that he actually made my breasts look like the picture I had shown him. My recovery was speedy, I was back to work after 4 days and doing international travel for work 2 weeks later. All has been a wonderful experience for me.”

Before & Afters

Individual results may vary.

  • Belt Lipectomy Before
  • Belt Lipectomy After

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Try out your new look before surgery.

“What will I look like?” is the number one question patients ask Dr. Lawrence Gray when considering breast augmentation. Dr. Gray can accurately answer this question with our breast imager which simulates their surgical result so that Dr. Gray and you can select just the right implant to best compliments their body. Patients are often able to see the improvement that a breast lift would give them along with augmentation.

Breast Implant Types

Breast implants are available in a range of profiles, sizes, shapes, and textures to create a variety of looks. Dr. Gray and Dr. Harrington will work closely with you to select the right implant for your body, whether you choose saline or silicone gel implants.


Shaped Breast Implants –
Shaped  Breast ImplantsTear drop shaped implants or anatomical breast implants, or create a very natural looking breast shape. Shaped implants are contoured to recreate the outline of a mature breast with a pleasing amount of breast tissue.



Round Implants –
Shaped  Breast Implants
The classic round shaped breast implant is designed to create a soft, round look with a fuller upper breast contour. The round shape will deliver a look with more upper breast fullness than a tear drop shaped implant.




Saline Implants –
Shaped  Breast Implants
Saline breast implants are filled with a salt water solution similar to the saline found throughout your body. Saline implants feel firmer that gel implants due to the liquid filling. Styles include low, moderate and high profiles. Saline implants are available with a smooth or textured surface.